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Landscape Design Services

Opulent is a firm powered by exceptional talent to create personalized landscape design spaces. We aim to develop our expertise and skills to support the project of each client as if it were our own, because it is!

Explore Our Landscape Design Services

Villa Landscape Design in Dubai

The luxury villa's stunning landscape design includes a lawn, an open-air sitting room, and an outdoor lounge. Our landscape designers and architects have years of expertise.

Palaces Landscape Design in Dubai

We not only have innovative and striking designs for the exterior of your palace, but also present wonderful interior and palaces landscape design ideas.

Garden and Pool Design in Dubai

Our garden and swimming pool landscaping experts have accomplished 100+ residential and commercial projects.

Innovative Solutions by Landscaping Companies in Dubai

The basics of our innovative ideas are our competent landscape architects and planners. Not only with the architecture, but also in the design and construction of hard environments (driveways, roads, swimming pools, decks, etc.) our landscaping companies in Dubai can assist you with your project such that all the components of your project converge into one full thought. Our team will carry the concept to fruition with execution under your designer's direction.

On all plantscapes and hardscapes, our competent designers and their construction teams have consistent consistency and craftsmanship. In addition, for large or complex projects, our landscaping companies in Dubai have facilities, expertise, and tools available. From the initial consultation to execution, each of our designers follows his or her assignments, delivering clear personal service and effective fulfillment of the original plan.

Importance of A Reliablei Landscape Design Dubai

If you want to make serious improvements to your house, it will help ensure you put the right plants in the right positions by working with an expert. A DIY project will go wrong in so many ways, that we suggest avoiding the hassle and collaborating with a trustworthy expert.

Opulent is all about making advanced landscape design for homeowners more available. Our online process enables you to work on your own schedule, and our services come at a fraction of your local landscape designer's expense, enabling you to leverage the same design talent for less!

Our landscape installation services include

  • Commercial
  • Handscapes
  • Outdoor Living
  • Water Features
  • Plant Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Lawn Installation

How the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai Get Your Design into The Ground

Opulent will either install your landscape design as an extra service, depending on your location, or provide your local contractor with a comprehensive list of materials and planting directions. We think the safest way to a good outcome and a landscape you'll enjoy is to eliminate the guesswork.

Opulent is one of the leading landscaping companies for design that assigns a professional landscape designer to produce a design that is just for you, considering your style and the special features of your house.

Customer Service Is the Epitome of Our Landscape Architecture Dubai

As one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, we are a company powered by customer service to create personalized outdoor living spaces and management designs. We aim to develop our expertise and skills to support the project of each client as if it were our own, because it is!

Our key focus is customer support and we understand what the local community is looking for in a competent landscape designer through our experience of the lakeshore area.

We want to ensure you that anytime you use Opulent landscape design, plants and lawn water features for outdoor living and commercial property design, whether it is residential or commercial landscape design, we will take the time to completely address all your landscaping needs.

How the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai Get Your Design into The Ground

Professionals with a number of horticultural and turf degrees, state certifications, and considerable business expertise are among our team.

We are designed to represent areas that range from your lawn to a sports facility and from houses to condominiums. We are going to tailor our offerings to your specifications. Both allow you more time to do things you would like to do, from a carefree lawn fertilization program to a detailed maintenance schedule that nurtures your garden.

What distinguish us from other landscaping companies in Dubai is the cross-training of our crews to be site inspectors as well. With each visit, tracking your properties allows us to remain on top of, and ahead of, possible concerns that add value to our service without adding costs.

Our landscape care services include:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Sports Turf Care
  • Lawn Care
  • Site Care
  • Educational Links
  • Color Planting
  • Seasonal Services

Get the Services from Creative Landscape Contractors in Dubai

Opulent, as one of the popular landscaping companies in Dubai, provides the skills and experience of an in-house landscape specialist to offer a broad variety of landscape design facilities and technologies to satisfy all specifications.

Our team of talented and innovative landscape designers will create personally influenced landscape architecture and garden designs for public and private landscapes from initiation to completion, both industrial or residential and ranging in size from large-scale phased schemes to small intimate plots.